Promotional T Shirts, Printing Strategies Defined for Promotional T Shirts

I’ve had a lot of my prospects ask me why we print their merchandise utilizing totally different strategies at totally different instances.

This can be a legitimate query and for the sake of training the bigger lots and for these which can be I’ll define the distinction between the printing course of and the way they might apply to your challenge. There are typically 4 printing strategies, they’re display screen printing, warmth switch press, and embroidery “properly this isn’t actually printing however I place it there as you continue to want to put a picture on a t shirt”. The final and the most recent know-how is direct to garment. This course of can produce some improbable excessive decision photographic printing however it’s at a price.

Display printing

Display printing is most probably the most well-liked technique of printing promotional t shirts, the arrange course of is much like offset conventional printing strategies the place you’ll want to present your photos in to separable color information, for instance when you’ve got a 4 color file you’ll want to provide a CMYK file which the print manufacturing agency can break every color down and isolate them from one another creating, 4 separate print photos, one for the cyan color, one for magenta and one every for the yellow and Ok being black or gray scale.

Now that the CMYK information have been separated a separate display screen is produced for every color in whole 4 screens a C display screen, M display screen, and one every for the Y and Ok screens. So every color has its personal separate display screen. After the screens have been produced and have been high quality examined and all changes have been made they’re mounted on to the display screen printing press have been every color is aligned to the subsequent utilizing registration marks on the screens. What this implies is that every color is printed individually on the promotional T shirt. Now that the screens have been set and have been examined we are able to start the printing the t shirts funny tank tops.

In summarising display screen printing we be aware that there’s fairly a little bit of setup work to be achieved, you’ll want to permit a hefty lead time for the turnaround of the promotional T shirts, additionally because the setup course of is so intensive there’s a substantial value concerned about $70 to $150 per color so in a 4 color print it might be between $280 and $600 relying on the print, and you’ve got but to print one good promotional T shirt.

The excellent news is that the arrange is the most costly a part of the display screen printing course of and to any extent further every t shirt is at a minimal worth. To sum up, display screen printing is the perfect course of for producing massive quantities of promotional T shirts, a minimal order of some hundred and upwards.

Warmth Press

Printing Promotional t shirts with warmth transfers includes the digital copy of a warmth switch picture on to specifically coated paper that’s then reversed printed and warmth pressed on to the promotional t shirt.

Some great benefits of printing t shirts with warmth switch are that it’s conducive to quick runs. For instance it’s doable and price efficient to supply as little as one promotional t shirt. Due to this fact if you happen to want just a few t shirts that is the strategy for use, sadly this course of comes with an enormous restriction, you may solely print on to white t shirts, now chances are you’ll assume that that is not actual good however contemplating over 80% of promotional t shirts which can be printed white the choice isn’t that dangerous.


As I beforehand talked about within the introduction of this text embroidery is actually not a printing course of however essentially you’re putting a picture on to a promotional t shirt, so I’ve determined to incorporate it, if for nothing greater than clarifying the method used to embroider promotional t shirts.

In a quite simple rationalization embroidery includes re scanning the picture in to a sew sample or extra so this creates a digital stitching map for the embroidery machine to comply with. One of many limitations of embroidery is that it is just conducive to sewing smallish photos like a brand on the breast pocket of the t shirt or a membership emblem on the sleeve of a polo shirt.

Embroidery produces extremely sturdy merchandise, generally used for company clothes it isn’t restricted to t shirts or polo shirts.

Direct to Garment Printing

That is the most recent in printing promotional t shirts, a completely digital course of; it really works much like your house inkjet printer. The t shirt is positioned on a movable platen and is guided by the print heads with excessive accuracy to supply among the highest high quality printed graphics to this point. This printing technique is able to printing on to any colored t shirt, because it makes use of white ink as the bottom color on colored promotional t shirts.