Actor Chalapathi Rao vulgar comment on Girls: Womens are good in bed only Box Office Latest News

Senior Telugu actor Chalapathi Rao has overtaken the likes of comedian Ali in making the most unsuitable feedback towards females for the interval of megastar-studded and are residing telecast occasions. Displaying how narrow minded he is in terms of like about females and the intention in which disrespectful and shameless he can scuttle while talking about females in public occasions, Chalapathi Rao allegedly inferred that females are exact in bed easiest.

Within the direction of the pre-free up occasion of RVC, the anchor of the occasion was once asking the same and the traffic had been giving traditional answers. But, one senior actor terrified audiences alongside with his unsuitable observation. He is personality artist Chalapathi Rao.

He acknowledged, “I don’t know if girls are nasty to health or now no longer. But, they are exact for bed.” This kind of observation from a senior citizen is sudden and the anchor of the occasion was once left speechless. Making this kind of observation on a public platform didn’t swimsuit his age and skills.

Everybody tried to give laughable and pertinent answers but when the anchor, a lady, got here the total manner to Chalapathi Rao, addressing him as ‘Babai’, and requested him the same, the shameless actor acknowledged, ‘I don’t know if girls are nasty to health or now no longer but they are exact in bed.

The unsuitable observation of the senior actor towards females made the anchor speechless. After a cease, she recollected herself and went away from him as fleet as she can. Shockingly, it wasn’t a unsuitable laughable memoir as the actor wasn’t making an try to be laughable. He consciously made that unsuitable observation and didn’t even bother to rectify it.

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